An Excerpt from Thoughts for Effective Teaching by Tiffany Tyndall — The Entirety of the Introduction

We are all at different stages of our teaching journey, but something unites us.  Whether in years, scars, or both, we can attest to the difficult road we’ve traveled and challenges we’ve encountered.

Sometimes it helps to hear the voice of a fellow teacher, and this is where these writings come in.  I offer my thoughts and my words as anecdotes and as mere witnesses to the real world of teaching.

Teaching isn’t always easy, and it’s rarely as ideal as it is ever portrayed in movies or on TV.  Good teaching requires grit and determination to keep doing good and to keep teaching no matter what we come up against.

Let us remember that our profession is a noble one, and we are the ones who determine the extent to which that is true in the present lives of our students.

So as we remember to maintain a proper perspective and to remain ever reflective in our calling to educate all who come under our watch and care, let’s push forward to give our best, as we expect our students to do the same.

Thoughts for Effective Teaching: Maintaining Perspective and Remaining Reflective While in the Trenches of Teaching by Tiffany Tyndall is available for purchase here.

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