An Excerpt from Less Stress Is More Happiness by Tiffany Tyndall — Half of 9. Final Thoughts: Feel the Good Feeling and Keep Doing the Obvious Things

In my quest to have less stress on my journey to happiness, I have noticed a few things.  Number one, the really good feeling I have in my chest when I breathe (you could say it’s in my lungs or my heart) has increased a lot.  I equate this feeling to being in a good spot in my life.  Whenever I know I’m doing the right thing or I’ve been working through something that’s been tough on me mentally or emotionally, I will feel this feeling.  Like when you take a deep breath and you can feel it fill up every inch of your lungs.  Maybe after running.  It kinds of feels like cold water refreshing your soul.  That feeling.  It’s the best feeling.  I have that feeling to a much greater extent and on a more on-going extent now than when I started this mindfulness journal.

And number two, there are other obvious things to keep the stress down that I didn’t mention because they aren’t things that I am having trouble with now.  Things like sleep enough, eat healthily, and know when to take a break are three things that are a must.  I can’t go to bed past nine or ten at night because I wake up at five, as it is now.  I need my sleep because if I don’t get it, I meltdown faster than ice cubes in summer.  My three children all wake up at varying times and frequencies and degrees at night (as do I), and this is another reason why sleep is a valuable and well-protected treasure—even though this season of my life has me feeling exhausted most days even with the solid attempt at sleeping enough at night.  There is simply no replacement for sleep.

Less Stress Is More Happiness by Tiffany Tyndall is available for purchase here.

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