An Excerpt from 7 De-stressing Strategies for Effective Living by Tiffany Tyndall — Half of Chapter 4: Work through it

We must work through our stress.  The work we involve ourselves in serves as a diversion to our stress and it serves as an opportunity to work on the stress and on ourselves.  Instead of hiding behind the stress, we are confronting it and dissolving it.  We can combat harmful stress with the good kind of stress, the kind that propels us forward in accomplishing a just cause.  And by including ourselves in the equation of making this world a better place because of our having lived in it, we are allowing our very souls to grow.

Those, like me, who have workaholic tendencies understand already, to a degree, that our life’s work gives our life purpose and meaning.  The more we work, the closer we get to accomplishing the elusive end we seek in our work.  The harder we work, the more meaningful and purposeful our means is to accomplish our ends.  The one thing we need to remain aware of, though, is that sometimes the “end” we seek in our work will never arrive.  It takes perspective, wisdom, and self-discipline to know when to stop for the day (or hour or moment), how to alter course, and why to continue on (in the day, in the hour, in the moment, or in a figurative way) if we deem it necessary.

If we use our accumulating stress levels as an excuse to not work or to not have a work-minded attitude, then we are truly working against ourselves because work is the very thing that will help us.  Work gives us focus.  It gives us something to aim for.  The trick is finding the focus and identifying where to aim.

7 De-stressing Strategies for Effective Living by Tiffany Tyndall is available for purchase here.

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