An Excerpt from 7 De-stressing Strategies for Effective Living by Tiffany Tyndall — Half of Chapter 7: Release it (what’s already being carried)

Let go of the stress you are already carrying.  We are not meant to carry the stress around.  We are meant to deal with the matter of things, not carry around its luggage.  Similar to managing our emotions, we need to feel what needs to be felt, and then we need to release it.  Feel, then release.  In the case of stress, feeling it doesn’t mean taking it on or even letting it pass through the body as emotions sometimes need to do before they dissolve (a technique: next time you are feeling mad, sad, or another negatively-perceived emotion, visualize the emotion like an electrical current; see the emotion flow through the body and out through your toes and fingers; no “action” required, just the conscious act of feeling the current).

Feeling it, here, with regards to stress, means to be aware of your stress surroundings—be vigilant of what you are wading in.  You don’t have to let yourself feel any of it except the emotions that may accompany the tense or hurried atmosphere that may be contributing to your stress.  Learn to recognize a potentially overwhelming situation before you take the stress of it onto your body.  If you’ve already brought the stress on board, then simply release it.  Carry it no more.  Love yourself enough to let yourself be free, happy, light, and healthy.

For many of us, this will make sense in our head, but we’ll still have a hard time doing the actual releasing.  Imaging that you are carrying a heavy and cumbersome boulder.  Stress is like that boulder.  It’s hard to carry it let alone move with it and live a regular life with it.  So put it down.  Put the boulder down on the ground or let go of it wherever you are (no one says you have to put it down gently—it’s really heavy and cumbersome, remember).

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