Sick with Kids

One of the hardest things ever is to be sick and/or in pain but also have children in your care.

Here are some things to keep in mind to help keep it together.

  1. Take medicine if you can and want to.

There’s no need to suffer.  You don’t get bonus points in life for living with pain that could be readily and easily alleviated in the civilized era.

  1. Go low key. 

You know that to-do list?  Largely ignore it.  Only do what absolutely must get done today.

  1. Give your best while you rest. 

Try to stay polite and respectful with your children.  Let them know you don’t feel well (even if it might not matter much to them, especially if they are young), and try to rest while you continue to take care of their needs.  Diapers still need to be changed.  Bellies still need to be fed.  Try to smile through it.  And then sit when you can.

  1. Try to tune out the unpleasantries. 

Everything that is usually unpleasant (like crying, whining, fighting, messes, endless demands, general noise, and regular developmental challenges like dealing with varying levels of resistance to reasonable requests) is 1000 times more unpleasant when you’re sick or in pain (I don’t need to tell you that, do I).  Just try to tune it all out the best you can.  Go to your very-focused place.  Remember childbirth?  Like that.

  1. Deliberately de-stress.

Take a moment to take a few deep breaths.  Do some stretching.  Think about beautiful scenery.  Listen to soothing music.  You might have to do this in 10-second intervals with children around, but still make a conscious effort to let stress leave your body.

What are some things that you do or keep in mind that help you keep going when you are sick or in pain and also are caring for children?

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