Affirmations to Build Confidence in Effective Parenting

I love my children.

I am good to my children.

I am becoming more and more effective at parenting every day.

I make wise decisions.

I set a good example.

I gently lead my children on good paths.

I care about my children’s well-being.

I am self-reflective and self-correcting.

I look to the future with faith and hope.

I let love lead the way.

My children are growing up strong and grounded.

In this family, my children belong and feel cared for.

I do what’s in the best interest of my children.

I parent my children with kindness, grace, patience, and truth.

I stay calm, even under stressful circumstances.

I stay gentle, even in frustrated situations.

I stay loving, even when I don’t feel loved in return.

I listen to my children, and I seek to understand them as the unique individuals that they are.

I try my best, and I keep trying.

When I make a mistake, I acknowledge it and make adjustments so that I can improve over time and so that I can continue to contribute positively to this family.

I do not allow things to become wedges in my relationship with my children.

This family thrives on honesty and openness, and we talk things out and talk things through.

I comfort my children, and I am here for them.

I am a good and loving parent, and my children feel my love as I feel theirs.


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