My Comment on a Blog Whose Writer Understands Why It Matters

Here’s another blog that I was drawn to during my time of preparing my recent writing submission.  What stood out to me is that the writer is a self-professed introvert who happens to also like making connections with other people – and I totally get this.  Also, she talks about having this spark of something (a glowing ember I think she referred to it as) that has given her direction about where to take her writing.  That is exactly how it is.  Lastly, she has three kids and takes really good pictures.

So here’s the comment I left on her blog.

 The link:

  My comment:

I really enjoyed reading this. Especially the part about “the pursuit of beauty and Truth in everyday life.”

I found out about you from the MOPS blog. Thank you for offering readers a window into (and a ladder to get to) a higher kind of living and loving. There is no greater pursuit (to borrow your word) to apply that to than in raising our families and building our homes.

P.S. Sara Groves is an alumna of my undergraduate alma mater, Evangel University. Talented artist. And small world 🙂

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