Preparing a New Manuscript, Plus a Thought about Good Parenting

I’ve been preparing my new manuscript over the last few days.  It should be available soon.  Just wanted to let you know that it’s coming.

Here’s a thought to hold you over until it’s ready.  Our children are all the reason we will ever need to work on ourselves.  Yes, we are who we are.  This is, like, understanding number one of the self-acceptance journey.  But everyone has areas where they can fine tune something.  We do have a little bit of control over some things.  Maybe not all things about ourselves.  But some.  We have control over our choices—choices in how we do things and why.  We have control over what we think about and what we allow to consume our energy.  We have control over our mindset about things and how we will choose to proceed, no matter what may or may not have happened to us.

So when we look at our children, and the weight of the privilege to raise them well is fixing to overtake us (What is a synonym for “fixing to”?  It’s the only thing that really fits here.), it helps to remember that we are not completely powerless in this.  We can help ourselves in certain ways and we can do our best with things as they happen.  Accepting the fact that perfection is an illusion, we can strive for excellence while letting go of our deficiencies.  Parenting is the tough stuff of life.  And the way through it is to go through it.  If we run and hide, we cheat ourselves (not to mention our children) out of a better life—one that we could have embraced as improved versions of ourselves (as it is often said—but I like what it suggests, that we are who we are but that we also can achieve effectiveness because positive change is possible and real if we truly want it enough and are willing to put in the work to obtain it).

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