New Book Is on Its Way, Plus Why I Like It So Much

Just waiting for the review process to be completed.  Once the book is available, I will let you know!  What I like about this new manuscript is that it presents an open framework for approaching effective parenting.  We are all different, so we will have different ways of solving our different problems and facing our different challenges, but because we have a common human element running through all our veins, we can learn how to parent our children in ways that respect and scaffold their humanness as well as ours.  We respect our children’s humanness by being gentle, accommodating, and empathetic with them (without being enabling of unacceptable/disrespectful behavior or overly permissive of dangerous/harmful behavior).  And we scaffold our children’s humanness by helping them become stronger, directing them onto better paths, and teaching them more effective and productive ways to live, love, and learn.

Best wishes to you and yours.

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