Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor

The whole point of working hard is so that it pays off in some way in the end.  So that the harvest of whatever it is that we’ve planted will be as big as it can be and as full as it can be and a good as it can be.  All to the extent that we can control things on our end (which isn’t as much as we sometimes would like but is more than zero).  So when the harvest comes and the fruits appear, it’s okay to receive it all in and to enjoy the experience of having gotten what we’ve worked so hard to have.  It can be easy to get so wrapped up in the work [of caring for our children, for example] that we don’t even notice the fruits when they appear.  Or to be too tired to enjoy the fruits when they are finally here.  Or to even be resentful and to not want to partake of the reward of what our hands have helped cultivate.  Or even yet to think that we don’t deserve to be happy and that we don’t deserve to enjoy our lives or that we don’t enjoy to have a reward for making good choices.  But enjoying the fruits of our labor is part of this whole thing.  It’s really the why behind it all.  Yes, we do it to glorify God, no matter how things turn out.  Yes, we do it so that we can know that we truly did the very best that we could, no matter how things turn out.  And yes, we do it so that we can set a good example for our children in life and in the future that they may have in parenting, no matter how things turn out in our season of parenting right now.  But guess what—if we’re trying hard and doing the right things (or at least attempting to) and caring and persevering, then we will see positive results for it all.  In some way.  Eventually.  It’s with certainty.  And when that day comes (or that moment—because these times of knowing come in split seconds where we get a sense of all-right-ness, a sense that everything is okay and will be okay and has been okay) when you know that this is what you’ve been working for, that this is what you’ve been hoping for, that this is why you’ve done what you’ve done and given what you’ve given, then all we have to do is take it in.  And enjoy it.

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