Take Care of Business

When you’re still in the weeds with things, it can be extremely tough to take care of business as it stands.  The days blur together, and there’s barely enough strength available to stand up let alone do all the other things that need to be taken care of that don’t equal diaper changes and feedings.  But after that very draining time of tending to a real-live baby (which I have found to be about a year and a half), it seems like all of a sudden the sun appears through the clouds and life is colorful again.  It can be tempting at this time (when life gets profoundly easier) to stay in the funk (as it’s called) because it (taking care of young children) gives us the perfect excuse to be in a perpetual state of (what shall we call it?) undone-ness.  When you’ve just had a baby, everyone understands (or should) that you might not be on top of everything for a while (especially if there’s no readily-available help from your own parents or in-laws or aunts or grandmas or nannies).  But when the baby you just had (like, a year and a half ago) is clearly more a toddler than a newborn, we all know that more challenges ensue, but we also know that the former challenges do subside.  Our hands (somewhat) are freed up, our time schedules (somewhat) are freed up, and our emotions (somewhat) have a chance to breathe.  So when this time of shifting happens, let us embrace it with open arms (because they will be somewhat freer now) and see to it that we take care of business the way we need to.  We can still prioritize things.  Not everything has to get done.  But all the stuff that we let go (simply because we had to when we barely had the time to feed ourselves) no longer needs to be let go if we don’t want to let it go.  Nothing feels quite so good as taking care of business now that it’s reasonably possible to do so.  Chose to stay productive and to continue to infuse each moment with meaning.  In about six months from now, as we know, a whole new world approaches.  The twos and threes puts us in a whole new cyclone.  So let us take advantage of this brief repose as much as it depends on us.

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