Resist Feeling Bad about NOT Feeling Bad

The stages of personal growth and soul healing as I have experienced covers the very rocky ground of feeling bad about not feeling bad.  What I mean by this is that we reach a place where we feel guilty about not feeling guilty anymore.  We feel bad that we feel so good.  I’m not talking about not feeling guilt when we should feel guilt as the humans we are with the moral compass that we have.  I’m talking about not feeling the guilt that is a false kind of guilt.  An excessive and unnecessary amount of guilt.  Guilt that is over and above regular levels of guilt, even with regular things.  Add to that an over-active-guilt-complex kind of guilt.  Where you feel bad about everything—even things that have nothing to do with you.  So as we grow out of the false box of false guilt, it can be strange at first because we don’t feel right about feeling so free—about feeling so happy.  The guilt has always been there, and so it had become a part of us.  We’ve always known it.  Even befriended it in a sense.  It has been our map to an extent.  It has always shown us the path we thought was considered “best.”  But something happens when we realize that a more accurate map to use is truth, not guilt.  Things become clear, and we become free (and, ultimately, happy)—if we follow the better path of truth.

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