Our Happy Ending Starts Now

Let Go of the Tension

When we feel tense (like we are on pins and needles, even when sitting still or lying down), what helps us to let go of the tension is to imagine that we are melting like an ice cream cone in the sun. Relaxing is not just about what we are doing externally—it’s also about what we are doing internally. Take deep breaths, and consciously breathe them out. Focus on letting your muscles release any jitteriness they feel. We’ll be better able to respond to tough situations (and there are many, daily, in parenting) in the ways we want and not just in the way it feels like we can’t help. Staying relaxed and at rest helps us to take in each moment with a more heartfelt embrace. Also, we’ll have less achiness and less negativity that we feel. We’ll be better able to connect with those we are with, and we will find that we will enjoy ourselves much more easily than when we hang on to the tension (for whatever reason we think we need to).