Boundaries, Assertiveness, Significance

Nurturing ourselves as we nurture others involves (among other things like giving attention to and taking steps to cultivate our physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth) establishing some boundaries for health and wellness, asserting ourselves as situations warrant, and continuing to deepen our understanding of the significance of our current life station (whatever that may be).  For some people, these skills relating to boundaries, assertiveness, and significance come easily.  For others, it might take some deliberate effort to grow in these areas.  Often there’s a triggering event that helps us see the need for us to protect ourselves (as much as it can really depend on us), advocate for ourselves (as much as we can really do), and understand ourselves (as much as that’s really possible).  This triggering event helps give us clarity as to the why, and then usually the how works itself out in our individual situations.  We just have to really want it.  We have to want a change for the better.  Want it enough to do something about it.  Something.  Anything.  And as we take tiny steps in the direction of where we want to go, somehow it snowballs into habit and lifestyle.  We become stronger people as we develop our ability to operate our boundaries, use our assertiveness, and seek understanding of our significance.

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