Own Your Decisions (and Your Mind-Changes)

Making decisions (even small ones) can be challenging—especially if you particularly struggle with wanting to make the right decisions.  Something that helps on the road of strengthening one’s assertiveness (the road on which many of us find ourselves, on account of becoming a parent) is to simply own your decisions and your mind-changes, too.  Whether the decision made is right or wrong (who’s adjudicating, anyway, and why does it matter?), what’s more important as we seek to become more comfortable making firm decisions is to take ownership of it.  Do the thing.  Run with it.  Make it yours.  If you change your mind, then change it.  Own that, too.  Whatever you do, do not think that wishy-washy-ness is somehow helpful to the situation at hand.  Caution is good.  Informed-ness is good.  Weighing all sides is good.  But being blown all around by the wind is not.  Anchor yourself in truth, and make the best decision that you can in the moment with the information at hand.

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