Understand That Stay-at-Home Parenting Is Not for the Weak

On this journey of child-friendly parenting, it becomes more and more important to understand that staying at home to [effectively] take care of our children is not for the weak.  It takes every ounce of strength—physical, mental, and otherwise—that we have and more.  We must actively do things that raise our levels of positivity, sense of well-being, parenting effectiveness, and overall happiness.  We cannot expect these things to fall in our lap or manifest themselves out of nothing.  We can pray for God to do a miracle (and he may very well do it), but one of the most profound things we can ever take hold of is the notion that there are certain things that we can actually do (that God makes available to us, with prayer being one of them) to discipline our mind and emotions so that they aren’t working against our efforts and desires to cooperate with God as he fulfills his purposes in and through our life.  At the top of the pile of things we can do is the simple acceptance of the fact that this is hard.  Not just hard work.  But hard.  It will break us in ways we never thought possible.  But as we let God show us the way, we will gain confidence and competence in this often-daunting role of stay-at-home parenting.

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