Help Yourself

If you are struggling with something, at some point we just have to help ourselves with it instead of waiting for the right “someone else” to help us with whatever it is we need help with.  It might feel like we can’t [help ourselves] or that we are helpless about it (our thing in question), but the truth is that there is always something we can do that we can control (even if it’s just the thoughts that we let ourselves think).  We are never so out of control with anything that the excuse of “I can’t help myself” is acceptable.  We can always help ourselves, somehow.  And until we realize this and act on it, then we will always function at a lower level than what we were meant to.  When it comes to effective parenting, helping ourselves might take the shape of advocating for (and accepting and participating in) rest and time away (for us!) so that we can keep a clear head when we are taking care of our family.  Or doing things (for ourselves!) that make life easier for us (like deliberately keeping up and working ahead on the daily housework) so that we don’t become so overwhelmed.  Or making healthy life choices (for us!) from food to activity to spirit-care to soul-care so that we can stay as balanced as we can during this demanding time of caring for our young children.

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