Hit the Reset Button Everyday

As hard as it might be, we need to hit the reset button every day.  Even every moment, as much as we need to reset things.  Our children, our spouses/co-parents, and our own selves need the chance of a refresh as often as it’s necessary.  If we carry over the stresses, tensions, and conflicts of the day into tomorrow (and then we allow everything to accumulate into the next day), then we are setting ourselves up for one big failure after another.  Work with a fresh slate always.  Yes, follow through on issues of importance, but do not allow things to bleed into each other.  Keep the issues separate.  Eliminate confusion.  Let there be clarity and acceptance while there is yet accountability.  Our children may be children, but they are still fully human as we are—so they need a fresh start every day (and every time one is needed) as we do and our spouses/co-parents do.

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