Be in Tune with Them

Sometimes it’s just a matter of slowing down to find our child’s wavelength (even if we’d rather rush or hurry or simply go at our own pace).  Sometimes it’s a matter of keeping the communication lines open (even if we’re the ones who don’t feel like talking or interfacing).  And sometimes it’s about just being there, being available, being around (even if we think we have better things to do or a better place to be).  If we seek to be in tune with our children (as much as we can be), then it makes it easier to sense when something is off and then take steps towards making things right.  It makes it easier to connect with them and to establish a strong foundation for a long-term trusting relationship.  And it makes it easier to keep things balanced, in perspective, and under control (in a positive way).  Happiness flows much more easily if we are already paying attention to how our children are doing (beforehand) instead of waiting until there’s something wrong to pay attention to them (afterward).

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