Don’t Give in to Depression

Whatever you do, hold on to truth and hope.  Nothing is as bad as it seems, and everything has a silver lining.  We have to choose to fill our mind with things that support life and wellness.  We are not going to automatically wake up and feel great if we haven’t been in the habit of actively pursuing a positive mindset and an effective approach to living well.  Sometimes the only thing that we feel that we can do is to simply not give in to the looming dark cloak—we don’t have to put it on.  It might be there, waiting for our welcome.  But we can bid it hello and then continue on our way.  That can be the end of it.  It’s not going to be easy—but it’s far better to reject the depression outright (with all of the discomforts that entails) than to slink into it while we wait to “feel better” (as comfortable as that might be in the moment).  When it comes to taking good care of our children, it’s all the more important to take steps to take good care of ourselves, too.  Something that helps us resist sinking lower and lower into the mire of depression is to try to stay in the moment with our children—enjoy the joys as they reveal themselves and bat away the unpleasantries as each one comes.

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