Just Keep Breathing

When things happen that cause discomfort, remember to breathe through them.  Do not let the negative things that you encounter unravel you.  Just breathe through them.  Release the tension, the stress, the negativity.  Release it all.  Hang on to none of it.  Breathe through everything that inflicts pain on your soul.  Keep breathing until peace comes.  The waves of tumult will subside, and soon you will be able to carry on the way you want (with happiness in your heart and joy in your face and lightness in your step and tenderness in your touch and warmth in your voice).  Just keep breathing.  (Remember how Dory says to herself (that her parents told her to do) in Finding Dory to “just keep swimming, just keep swimming”?  It’s the same thing here.  Just keep breathing, just keep breathing.)

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