Be Consistent

It’s not about being the most awesome, most fun, most together parent.  (And it’s not about who sees and knows and approves, either.)  It’s about waking up day after day and doing a solid good job again and again.  It’s about consistency.  Dependability.  Trustworthiness.  Dedication.  Perseverance.  Balance.  Devotion.  Wholeheartedness.  Sincerity.  Honesty.  Patience.  Effort.  Instead of getting wrapped up in all the gimmicks and externals, focus on doing a consistent good job from the inside out.  It’s really the whole of it—if we live this way and love this way and parent this way and work this way, then it consumes our day and our time and our mind.  We will always have something to do (we will never be bored), and we will always be in touch with our purpose (we will never lose our drive).

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