Be Reasonable

Being an effective parent is not equivalent to being strict, stern, hard, mean, or outrageously hard-to-please.  Being an effective parent is about putting forth the best effort we can (as parents) to bring about the best results possible (in our children) given all of the factors in our individual family circumstances.  One of the factors in this life-sized (and life-long) puzzle is reasonableness.  As we seek to become more and more assertive as parents and people, we will mix in some reasonableness as we strive to say and do things in a way that is direct, honest, open, empathic, and clear.  Similarly, as we seek to become more and more consistent, we will remember to include reasonableness as we aim to remain even-keeled while seeking to establish an environment of reasonable expectations, reasonable follow-ups, and reasonable follow-throughs.  And as we seek to achieve results, we will add the important touch of reasonableness to all areas so that if one approach doesn’t seem to work for us and our family, then we will try another one until we find one that works for (and respects) everyone.  Contrary to what some people think, being reasonable is not a sign of weakness—it is actually a sign of strength and wisdom because it shows that we understand that parenting is not just about us and what we need.  Parenting well is most importantly about our children and what they need to grow up healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

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