Keep Growing

Let this season of intense parenting shape you into a better you.  Do not let it take you down.  Keep seizing the opportunities as they arise to become a better person and to grow as a real human being.  One of the easiest pitfalls during the tough years (ages birth through five, no question—though it’s arguable that it just gets tougher in different ways as the years go on) is to stagnate.  To stop growing.  To stall out.  To quit.  All understandable because what glory is there in continuing to give your all to this endeavor when there seems to be such a small return rate?  (At least that’s how it feels right now, when we’re in the thick of it.)  Combat this tendency to stop growing by pushing through the thickness to get to the other side where there is light again.  Give everything time, and keep giving yourself compassion no matter what struggles you must endure for now.

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