Handle Each Thing As It Comes

Bat each ball away.  Cast down each negative thought.  Solve each problem as it arises.  Settle each matter as it becomes known.  If we focus on simply handling each thing as it comes, then the day won’t overwhelm us as much.  Just take one thing at a time, one issue, one conflict, one disappointment, one setback, one non-preference.  Do not take everything together.  Only each thing separately, one at a time.  Some things we can let go of immediately.  Other things we need to handle and continue with until they are finished.  Figure out what is most important to you—prioritize how you spend your energy.  We will find out, as we get better at working through the moments one at a time, that most of what we encounter is stuff that we don’t have to hang on to.  Free your mind and your emotions by releasing the bulk of what you used to carry around.  This is especially important as we care for our children and seek to strengthen our family through our dedicated involvement in day-to-day matters.  We can’t do everything at once.  We can only do one thing at a time.

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