Full Spectrum Parenting

Full spectrum parenting takes into account the peaks and the valleys.  Not every day will be filled with endless bliss and picture-album-worthy events.  There will be low days just as there will be high days.  And most discouraging about this is that the lows often seem to be a result of anyone except us.  This can make us feel helpless and without any power at all.  Many of us have learned quite well, before we became parents, how to reasonably control the trajectory of our days—no matter if the problem is us or not us.  It all starts and ends in our minds, how we want things to turn out.  And so, to continue to have the kind of life we choose instead of one that is thrust upon us, we will need to employ our mind and our will and our heart beyond anything we’ve ever done before.  Except now, we will also need to accept that we will have all sorts of days—not just the ones we prefer.  We can’t always control everything.  This is the new understanding.  Let us embrace this truth while still endeavoring to be good parents, through the highs as well as the lows.

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