Doing a Better Job by Doing Less

When we have those days when we question our effectiveness at every turn, it sometimes helps to step back and do less instead of more in order to measure how well we are actually doing.  If we can’t seem to do a few basic things well, then we know that we really do need to pull back and focus on one thing at a time.  But as we are able to generate the ability to handle more things at once (as every parent knows is, like, a requirement for doing what we do), it’s still important to only take on as much as we can really handle well.  It serves no point to be doing a million things if it leaves us frazzled or more stressed out than before or if it just quickens the descent into the burnout pit.  If we want to make it all the way through, to the very end, then it is in our best interest to do less, not more.  And to do the very best with that less than we would ever be able to do with the more.

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