It’s Your Job to Give Direction–Just Do It with Compassion

Yes, we are the parents.  So it’s our job to keep an eye on things, to supervise our children well, and to give direction when our children need it.  But this doesn’t mean that our parenting needs to be devoid of compassion just because it’s our job to be the parent.  Compassion is the secret ingredient.  It’s what makes the whole thing go round.  Yes, we need to speak up if something is happening that shouldn’t.  But no, we don’t need to always (if ever) do it sans empathy.  It’s the compassion and empathy that we show to our children that causes them to want to do what we are asking of them.  We are giving them incentive (the right kind).  We are giving them reason (the most important kind).  By being compassionate when we give guidance to our children, we are showing them that we value them as people and that we care about them on the deepest level—we aren’t just caring about how we look as parents, but we care about their well-being, too.

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