You Don’t Have to Be the World’s Funniest or Most Fun (but a Little Tiny Bit of Effort Goes a Long Way)

If you have ever felt bad about yourself for not being funny enough with your children or silly enough or fun enough, then remember to tell yourself that none of that is a requirement for good parenting.  It’s all bonus—if you can be funny and silly and fun, it can make the work of parenting quite a bit easier.  But if you just don’t feel like it, then that’s okay.  Focus on being consistent and trustworthy and respectable and kind and patient and good-hearted.  When you get spurts of excitement or energy, try to invest them into your relationship with your children—a miniscule amount of fun goes a very long way.  Even just a goofy facial expression.  But if it’s just not you—if you see other parents who seem to be way more adept at the silliness skill, do not fret one bit.  Find little ways every day to communicate to your children that you love them and that they are special and that you are thinking about them.  This is what’s most important.  As you feel more and more comfortable loosening up and being less on-guard, you’ll learn that it doesn’t hurt as much as you thought it would and that, in fact, you’ll wonder how you ever made it through the day any other way.  But if you’re just not there yet, then it means nothing except that you’re just not there yet.  Everyone has their strengths.  Your strength might be in another area that other people struggle with.  Focus on doing what you do best, and the rest will unfold in due time.

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