Choose Your Battles (Small and Large Alike)

There are a million opportunities every single day to get worked up and to point out what needs improvement.  A million.  We cannot possibly take on all the millions of things that need fixing and adjusting and fine-tuning.  We just can’t.  So we will need to choose.  We will need to prioritize our efforts and our energy and our attention and our work and our interactions with our children.  We must choose our battles.  Whether it’s a big issue or a little issue, we need to decide what to deal with and what to let go.  We can come back to things that we have previously let go.  But in this moment, we will need to choose what we actually go forward with.  This means that we cannot do everything—we can’t address everything.  It helps to pick one or two things that we are able to focus on and justify.  We need to take into consideration our children’s developmental readiness.  And we also need to keep things in perspective.  Some children need so much assistance in emotions regulation that it doesn’t make sense to focus on other things that other children (who don’t need much assistance in emotions regulation) can handle.  We are the best judge of what our children need.  Of course we wish we could do everything and fight every single battle that presents itself.  But this is not the wise way to go.  Let us be wise, and let us choose our battles purposefully.

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