Refrain from Being Self-Absorbed

During this time of raising young children, when there is very little “me” time for us parents, it can be easy to allow oneself to get wrapped up in protecting—overly so—everything that pertains to “self”: time, space, stuff, et cetera.  This is entirely understandable.  But if we want to rise above the surrounding soot of acceptable (but ineffective) parenting, then we will need to be deliberate in our attempts to not be so self-absorbed—even if self-absorption is what we think we need.  It helps to think about what each of our children need—and have flexible goals in mind for each one.  This is especially true in the summer when school is not in session (so that learning doesn’t come to a complete halt).  By keeping the needs and developmental milestones of each child in mind, it crowds out our capacity to think only about ourselves (overly so), and so we are better able to respond to our children (because we are more tuned in to them) instead of react to them (as a result of not being tuned in enough to them on account of our excessive self-absorption).

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