Dig Your Heels in

This is tough.  Tougher than anything else.  So instead of complaining about it or bemoaning the fact that life is more challenging right now than it has ever been in the past, dig your heels in.  Do this thing.  Do it to the best of your ability.  Things aren’t going to be perfect.  You’re not going to be perfect.  Your children aren’t going to be perfect.  But you can do a good job day in and day out.  (And if you can’t even do a good job day after day, then you can still participate in seeing the sunny side of things by getting out of bed every day.  Some people can’t even do that.  We all have our own challenges.)  You can keep your head up and your hopes high and your trust in the eternal, living God.  Hang on until better times come (because they will).  And keep doing what you know to do.  Everything will balance out eventually.

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