Distinguish between the Main Thing and the Bonus Stuff

If we make everything the main thing, then we are setting ourselves up with impossible standards and expectations.  (And then we will continue to be forever dissatisfied.)  With young children, sometimes the main thing is just squeezing out enough me time/alone time/quiet time/get-up-first time to brush your own teeth (no pun intended—as in, squeeze toothpaste).  If you happen to be able to get all these other things done, too (like housework and paperwork and projects and leisure time), with two hands and minimal interruptions, then cool.  That’s bonus.  It’s not going to be exciting for a while.  Or maybe ever again.  But what we are trading in is our old learned life for a new one.  A better one.  One in which we get to pour ourselves into the lives of our own children.  By caring well for them and by being there for them and by being available to them and by supervising them the way they need us to, we are gaining something far more important than simply our ability to return to life as we once knew it.  We are growing human beings.  We are nurturing their souls.  We are tending to their flourishing personhood.  There is nothing as important as this.

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