This Is the Hardest Job There Is–and We’re Doing It

If you feel that this is tough, it is because it is.  This is the hardest job on the planet.  Parenting takes everything we have.  Every last ounce of strength, every last bit of effort, every last straw of patience.  We give our all to this.  There is nothing that is harder to do.  Take comfort in the fact that you are doing it – the hardest job there is.  Why comfort?  Because isn’t the fear that we’re gonna drown in all of this the thing that holds panic over us?  Well, if we’re already doing the thing that we thought was going to be the end of us, then there’s nothing else left to really fear.  We’re in it right now.  We are making our way through it right now.  So chin up and keep going—because it only gets better the longer we do it.

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