Effectiveness Is Something That Comes from Within

When we talk about effectiveness, yes, there are things on the outside that we can work with to achieve a more desirable result in our lives with whatever it is that we are talking about.  But to get to the heart of effectiveness, we have to deal with the heart.  Our heart.  It’s a state of being, an internal posture that we adopt as we make our way through this life.  It’s an attitude of “I’m not giving up,” of “I’m going to get this right if I have to try a million times.”  It’s a way of looking at the world that sees the possibilities—and that works towards attaining all that we can within our mortal limits.  Effectiveness has an internal drive to it.  Having the right kind of motivation matters, as does keeping our focus in the right place.  True effectiveness is something that comes from within, where our most sincere intentions lie.

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