It’s Not Selfish to Include Yourself

Taking yourself—and your needs and wants—into the equation of quality-of-life is not selfish or self-centered or narcissistic.  We may start becoming selfish when we never think of others—but this is not what I am talking about.  I am not talking about including yourself while never including others.  I am talking about remembering to include yourself and care for yourself (in some way, even if small) in the day in and day out of doing what we do (which, by its very nature, includes others endlessly) in addition to caring for others—we must include ourselves, else we fall prey to burn-out, resentment, and loss of perspective.  Parenting young children takes everything we’ve got, so it’s important to create space in our day and life to replenish our souls in whatever way makes sense to us.  It will look different for each person.  But the same framework applies: take the time [to do things for yourself], make the effort [to include yourself], count yourself in [whether it’s in conversation or decisions or preferences], remember to rest (sit down when you can!), take a break from the business of the day-to-day (all work and no play doesn’t end well), stay relaxed (holding on to tension usually works against you), and life a healthy life (there’s a lot we can do to help ourselves in this regard).

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