Remember to Breathe and Separate

When things get hectic, remember, remember, remember to breathe and to separate.  These seem like such elemental skills—but they are necessities.  We must breathe when we feel things closing in around us.  Hear yourself breathe.  Feel your lungs expand.  Blow out the unpleasant feelings.  Keep breathing until you feel better.  Then you can proceed with the plan you want to put in to place, not the plan that your feelings and the present moment of cacophonic happenings have hijacked from you.  Separate from the stuff that would take you down if you let it.  Separate from the stuff that would be easy to get caught up in but would distract you from your higher vision for yourself and your life.  Let the uncomfortableness pass—because it always does.  And then you can pick up where you left off.

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