To Be Happy, Make Healthy Choices

It’s the most logical cycle, but somehow we have managed to learn the opposite somewhere along the way, which makes this positive cycle problematic at times.  Here is the positive cycle that works for us the more we participate in it: The more we engage in healthy activities, the happier we become.  And the happier we become, the more we engage in healthy activities.  This is the way to a better life as we move forward in our progress to live an effective life and to be effective parents.  Yet stress (or disappointment or any other trigger of ours) can hijack things, and then what we fall back on is something akin to self-sabotage: When we start to feel genuinely happy, we engage in unhealthy activities, which makes us genuinely unhappy.  And the more unhappy we feel, the more we engage in unhealthy activities.  So what we need to learn to recognize (and get into our brain) is that to feel happy is a good thing.  We need to learn to embrace it and make more of it instead of destroy it.  In this—the embracing and making more of happiness—we are best able to spread happiness in our family.  It starts with us.

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