Don’t Ask Why (Just Do)

Sometimes the first thing we think when things aren’t going so well (as we would have it) is, “Why me?”  Resist at all turns getting caught up in a victim mentality.  Don’t get trapped by all the whys you want to ask.  You are free to ask them and explore the answers to them at a later time when you are actually free to go there.  But right now, when you’re in the middle of everything, don’t ask why (it will just trip you up).  Just do (because continuing to be productive and industrious as you invest yourself into your family and home in spite of the current you’re swimming against—as how it often feels with young children around and how that can have a disheartening impact on your time and space—will make you feel better because you aren’t succumbing to the despair that is so vividly there when you have days when you are veritably overwhelmed by all the looming (yet certainly wonderful) responsibilities of caring for a bustling and life-infused family).  Just proceed the way you know you need to.  There will be time and capacity to sit down and reflect after the whirlwind is gone (you get a few moments every day—look for them and take advantage of them).  So for this present moment, when the temptation to grow resentful about things as they are is real, just put things on auto-pilot so that you can get to where you know you need to go without too much internal distraction.  Put your emotional and mental blinders on and just go forward.  The cloud of hanging (what is it?  frustration?  disappointment?  lack of felt progress?) will clear in good time, and you will be better for not having paid too much (if any) attention to it.

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