This Is the Big Leagues

If this time in life is hard, just remember that it should be.  Because this is the big leagues.  We always wanted to have a family of our own—and now we do.  And what we have found is that it’s hard work to fill our role well.  Effective parenting takes everything we’ve got.  We have to be strategic and creative about when and how we rest, when and how we recharge, and when and how we get our own needs met.  Because by this point, we are so far in that it’s easy to forget that we exist, too.  So as we remember to remember ourselves in this equation of life and family, we need to also remember that not much is really going to come easy anymore at this level.  We have to decide right here and now that we’re going to do what we need to do to run this race well and to finish strong.  This is our destiny.  Our family is our legacy.  Let each moment of each day count for the good of eternity.

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