Our Happy Ending Starts Now

Face the Burnout–Then Fight It

It happens.  Burnout.  And it’s real.  It will take you down.  People like us who care to a fault seem to be more prone to burnout because we tend to take on more than we can actually handle—and we have a tendency to care more about others than they a.) care about themselves and b.) care about us.  This is quite a set-up, isn’t it?  The plus side is that we make excellent parents because all children (whether still children or adults) need parents who care no matter what.  Children need parents who will not abandon them, who will not reject them, and who will not expect them to take on responsibilities (emotional, financial, household, and otherwise) that only the parents should bear in a good and proper parent-child relationship.  So there’s an extremely important place for people like us.  What we do is invaluable.  But what we need to keep in mind is that if and when we find ourselves burnt out by all of this effective parenting effort, we need to see it for what it is (denial gets you nowhere), and then we need to take measures to recover and then prevent it from happening again.  A quick checklist?  Make space for quiet time (waking up early has been the only way for me, what about you?); find your spiritual anchor (prayer and Bible study helps me, what about you?); eat healthily (limiting sugars has helped me, what about you?), exercise daily (you might have to layer it into your everyday child chasing routine, which I have found to be doable, what about you?); and develop life-management skills like patience, self-control, assertiveness, empathy, letting go, and peacefulness (I have found that these are tough areas but well worth the effort, what about you?).