Put Your Mind into It

If you try to make it through this time in life without using your mind to assist you, then you will probably end up the same or worse (in terms of character, growth, development, and faith) at the end of this road than you were when you began it.  This is the opposite of what’s supposed to happen.  We are supposed to become stronger and more agile with children, ourselves, and difficult circumstances as a result of having gone through challenges related to those areas.  If we want to see positive growth as a result of these trying times, then we will need to employ some important thinking strategies.  In general, when things seem glum, try your hardest to find something silvery to focus on.  Something to give you hope and that emphasizes the positive.  We can ruminate on the negative if we want, but then we’ll just get more of the negative in life.  Stop depressing and anxious thoughts in their tracks and give yourself a truer truth to think about instead.  Yes, acknowledge the reality of things, and feel what you actually feel, but as soon as you’ve done that, you’re free to release it and choose more life-giving thoughts and things to surround yourself with.

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