Use Your Own Voice

If you find that you are putting everything into action in your life that you know is for your benefit, growth, and overall well-being (as well as for your family’s)—like making strides in your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health—but you are still “off” somehow, consider the possibility that you are not quite using your own voice yet.  Once this happens—when you have found and consistently use your own voice, audibly so and philosophically so—then something just clicks.  It sends everything into a perfectly working system.  It’s like the grease on a well-oiled machine.  This voice of ours, it comes from the inner parts of our soul and resonates with comfort, peace, truth, and wisdom.  And it springs forth from deep within us when we are ready to put aside the pretense and just let everything that is good and wonderful flow out of us and into our children and our spouse/co-parent.

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