Resist Getting Distracted

Don’t worry about other people.  Their thoughts and opinions really don’t matter.  It’s what you think that matters.  It’s your opinion that matters.  Resist getting distracted at every turn.  Focus only on what you know you need to do.  Stay in the zone where you are who you want to be (example: it doesn’t feel good to be a yell-y parent—so keep your cool!); where you are freely flowing the way you were meant to be (it doesn’t feel good to be a downcast parent—so stay cheerful!); and where you are fiercely determined to not let anything get in your way, slow you down, or get you off your own path (it doesn’t feel good to compare yourself to or copy-cat other parents just because you think they are somehow better parents than you are—so first do what you know is right and then just be yourself!).

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