Look for Opportunities to Demonstrate Your Growth

If you’ve been working on something within yourself, being conscious to bring about positive change in your life as well as to help create a positive atmosphere within your family, then at some point, it will be important to look for opportunities to demonstrate your growth.  Not in any big, loud, showy way.  But just in a real, true way.  In a way that you can identify as “growth.”  We all have our areas that need a little more attention from ourselves if we want all-around flourishment.  So sometimes it helps to be aware of how we can really make good on our commitment to improve where we can.  The goal is not perfection because that is impossible.  The goal is, rather, progress.  And it is possible to show our progress every day—even in miniscule ways.  Even if we’re the only one who notices at first.  Because what will happen over time, as we stay committed to doing the right thing for the good of our families and as we stay determined to treat our children and our spouse/co-parent well under every kind of circumstance, is we will see a free-flowing kind of effect in our life.  Where what used to be so dry and parched and difficult is now well-watered and smooth-pouring and easy.

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