What Else Is There?

Before you groan about having to respond to a child who needs you (again)—whether it be during the day or in the middle of the night—and before you curse the day you brought each of your children into the world when you are once again giving up your right to have your needs met for the sake of meeting your children’s innocent needs, ask yourself this very simple question: what else is there?

Truly, in this life, on the quest for meaning, purpose, significance, happiness, success, and well-being, what else is there?  The answer is nothing.  This is it!  This is all there is!  This is something to get very excited about.  We are doing it!  We are doing the very thing that we all strive after.  We are living the very happiness that everyone seeks.

The secret to life is growing a healthy, happy family (meaning, growing a deep, trusting, and loving relationship with our spouse and tending to our precious and God-given relationships with our children).

We might not always be able to get everyone else [in our family] to go along with the vision we have for a fulfilled life, be we are always able to positively control ourselves in the sense that we can stay in the driver’s seat of our attitude, our response, our perspective, and our sense of self.

Our family is happy if we are happy.  That’s it!  That’s all!  It really is that simple.

All of this getting up in the middle of the night and not being able to fully rest and get what we need/want during the day doesn’t last forever.  This period of time in our lives when our children are young goes by like a passing mist.

If we can grasp this, then we can let go of the strangle-hold frustration that often rises up when we are tempted to believe that everything in our life sucks.  It absolutely doesn’t.  As long as we keep our head in the game, we are living the best life that there is to live.

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