Everything Is Integrated Now

Master the art of layering your life.  It is nearly impossible to compartmentalize anything anymore.  Maybe eventually we will be able to have set blocks of time to do certain things, but right now, it’s just not feasible.  Seek to integrate into regular moments the things that are important to you.  Learn to be restful and at peace even in the midst of all the sounds of lively, energetic children running around.  Learn to feel in control and have a sense of order even when there’s another mess to clean up or another room to put back together.  Stay active and see all of your literal steps as progress toward a healthier you.  Keep your focus on why you are doing this.  You are doing this for the sake and well-being of your children, your family, and your marriage.  You are doing this for you, too.  This is what you wanted!  You are living out your dream.  Try your best not to get bogged down in the grimy day-to-day details.  Up close, it’s not always the glamorous picture you and all others have in mind of the devoted stay-at-home mom (or dad or working parent or whatever kind of life you are living today).  But it is what we make it to be.  If we want this to be enjoyable, it can be.  For us as well as all who live in our home.  Do things that you like doing (for me?  Writing, reading, walking, thinking.  For you?  Fill in the blank.)—even if you have to scale back your expectations momentarily.  Find time—make time—for what is important to you while always remembering to find practical and spontaneous ways to keep connecting with and listening to your children.

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