This Is Not about You

This time right now—the grueling-ness of the day-to-day—is not about you.  Learn to see the needs of your children and your spouse/significant other/co-parent as important as your own—if not even more important.  And that through your giving-ness, you will in turn meet your own needs.  Maybe not the way you would prefer.  But in a way that allows you to be an asset instead of a liability.  Not in legal terms.  But in emotional, mental, and spiritual terms.  In physical terms.  Being there for your children when they are young—and continuing to be there for your spouse/significant other/co-parent even when you would prefer for them to be there for you more than you are for them (which is pretty much the name of the game during this time of raising young children)—ensures that you will never go hungry emotionally.  It’s not that they will owe you or that you will hold them to it.  No.  It’s that you are investing in the most important way—in their lives and in your own.  (And if nothing is ever reciprocated ever, by your kids or your spouse, then it still won’t change the fact that you will have become a better person for what you gave now than what you could have withheld).  Your family shines because you are willing to not make everything about you.

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