Eyes on the Real Prize

When things get really really tough, it is extremely important to have somewhere to fix your gaze (spiritually speaking).  If you believe in Jesus, then keep your eyes on him.  If you don’t believe in him, then keep your eyes on whatever it is that strengthens you.  It is a must that we keep our eyes on the real prize here.  Is there room for a differentiation of prizes?  Sure, why not.  We are all different, living in different contexts.  But in my opinion, keeping an eternal perspective (like, what will Jesus say to me about the life I have lived when I see him in heaven?) helps the most.  But if eternal possibilities aren’t your thing, then find something that will keep you focused.  Something that will make things abundantly clear when you have days when you just want to give up (when you shouldn’t) and stop caring (when you shouldn’t) and let everything fall (when you shouldn’t).  Living well (especially in the area of parenting) is so hard.  Remember what it’s all for, though.  It’s for the building up and the nurturing of others—ourselves included—with a special emphasis on our own family.

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