It’s a Matter of the Mind

Overcoming circumstances requires that we utilize the powers that we inherently have within our mind.  Not like some weird mind over matter brain-washing thing.  But just a simple fact that we can think our way out of most anything.  When things get mucky in the parenting world (sleep deprivation has no mercy), we have to remember to keep our minds up and out of the quicksand.  It’s way too easy to get sucked into being negative about everything and critical automatically.  And once we’re there (in negativity land and critical world), it’s very difficult to back up and get out.  It’s way easier to stop the descent before there is ever a real one.  Stay positive.  (Not unrealistically so.  Just train yourself to see the silver lining in all things.)  And have actionable steps to move up and on and out of the marsh you may have found yourself in.  Focus on doing one thing at a time and one thing only.  Refuse to allow anything or anyone to distract you from being the kind, loving, forgiving, gentle, compassionate, caring person that you are.  Never, ever forget your life’s purpose.  It will show you the way even while you are stumbling around in the dark (at 2:30 in the morning).

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